We have expanded our portfolio of industrial flooring solutions with Tecnoresil acquisition

The acquisition, has carried out through Propamsa, a business with strong growth potential focused on construction solutions based on tile adhesives, monolayer mortars, and a wide variety of special mortars.

We have acquired 100% of Tecnoresil, a company that manufactures and distributes chemical products for industrial and decorative flooring, through its construction solutions subsidiary Propamsa. With this acquisition, Cementos Molins strengthens its strategy of expanding its range of construction solutions.

With the acquisition of Tecnoresil, a company with over two decades of experience in the sector, we have expanded our range of continuous flooring solutions to include paints, self-leveling compounds, multilayer systems, and mortars that are formulated using top-quality epoxy, polyurethane, methacrylate resins, and natural quartz sands. These flooring solutions are designed to provide a comprehensive and definitive solution for both industrial and decorative floors, making them an ideal choice for a variety of settings.

"With this acquisition, we strengthen the strategy of expanding the range of construction solutions," said Celia Pérez, director of global building solutions. "The incorporation of new products that complement our current solutions will create new market opportunities, generating synergies with a target of more technical clients, providing greater value to consultative sales,"  Pérez added. 
Thanks to this acquisition, we have complemented our catalog of products and services, providing a more complete and satisfying offer to its customers and reflecting its commitment to excellence.