At Cementos Molins Group, more than 90 years we have been creating products and developing innovative and sustainable solutions for the construction sector. This is the way we contribute to developing society and people’s quality of life.

At Cementos Molins we focus our contribution on the daily work done by our human team, constantly ensuring that we are in line with the Group’s Mission, Vision and Values.


Our mission is to be a respected and attractive family company in the world cement sector, creating value for all our stakeholders and aiming primarily for the satisfaction of our clients.



The results of our work is more than just solutions for construction. These are formulae which mean that our society and the people in it continue advancing.

At Cementos Molins we want to promote the development of society and people’s quality of life by creating innovative and sustainable solutions in the construction sector..


At Cementos Molins we do what we say and we say what we do. We move at the speed of change, looking for continuous improvement. We are pragmatic and we fulfil our promises. We never give up, we are positive and look for solutions. And finally, we respect the environment, and are committed to the more appropriate techniques for reaching our sustainability targets.

Our DNA makes us different and makes the Group clearly recognisable based on its integrity, non-conformism, efficiency, passion and respect.