As a result of its nearly 90 year’s experience and cement sales,Cementos Molins provides its clients with an extensive and varied range of products designed for construction professionals.

The cement manufacturing process starts with extracting the limestone, which is then crushed, together with clays, to an impalpable size. Next, the raw powder is calcinated at 1,450ºC in a rotary kiln to form the clinker, a name associated with the sound the mixture makes inside the furnace. Finally, the clinker obtained is ground together with the plaster and additives that improve the performance and reduce the CO2 emissions, thereby forming the cement.

Concrete and aggregate

Since 1987 Cementos Molins has been specialising in manufacturing, selling and distributing concrete and aggregates. The Group has more than 40 plants specialising in manufacturing and supplying concrete and 13 plants for processing aggregates.

The concrete, a mixture made up of different size aggregates, cement, sand and water, is a material suitable for being used in structural elements such as foundations, pillars, wrought iron works, slabs and walls, as it is highly resistant and durable.

Concrete prefabricates

Cementos Molins has an extensive catalogue of industrial products for constructing new sites and renovating, based on concrete prefabricates: pipes, pillars and beams, sleepers for laying down railway tracks, enclosures, industrial bays, etc. According to the needs of each project, Cementos Molins projects, produces and sells the best suited product, based on prefabricates that improve the strength and adherence of the material, while also shortening implementation times.

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Special products for construction

Cementos Molins has a wide range of solutions and special products for structure construction, renovating and repair works. From mortar to thermal insulations and coatings, including adhesive cement, being the Group Spain’s leading manufacturer of this product.


One of the priorities of Cementos Molins is to develop solutions aimed at protecting the environment. In this respect, the Group has created a line of eco materials which help to increase sustainability in the construction sector. These products, based on recycling and recovering waste, provide sustainable environmental solutions, minimising the consumption of natural resources and guaranteeing maximum quality.

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