The Group’s Board of Directors

The main corporate government body in Cementos Molins Group is the Board of Directors, whose fundamental responsibilities include monitoring the strategy of Cementos Molins Group, developing the Corporate government policies, controlling the management instances and acting as an intermediary for shareholders.


The Group’s Board of Directors must be guided at all times by the search for social interest, understood to be the consequence of a long-term profitable and sustainable business, while also showing respect for legislation and regulations and with behaviour based on good faith, ethics and respect for commonly accepted uses and good practices.


In addition, the Board of Directors has two commissions focusing on supervising, informing, advising and making proposals. These are the Auditing and Compliance Commission and the Remuneration and Appointments Commission.

M. Juan Molins Amat

First Vice-President
M. Joaquín Mª Molins Gil (CR)

Second Vice-President
M. Joaquín Mª Molins López-Rodó

Managing Director
M. Julio Rodríguez Izquierdo


M. Sebastià Alegre Roselló
M. Jean-Carlos Angulo (CR)
Ms. Andrea Kathrin Christenson (CR)
Ms. Socorro Fernández Larrea (CA)
Ms. Beatriz Molins Domingo (CA)
M. Juan Molins Monteys
M. Carles Rivera Molins
M. Rafael Villaseca Marco (CA)

Non-director Secretary
M. Ramon Girbau Pedragosa (CA, CR)

First Non-director Vice-Secretary
Ms. Ana Mª Molins Lopez-Rodó


Second Non-director Vice-Secretary

M. Raúl Manuel González Rodríguez

CA: Auditing and Compliance Commission 
CR: Remuneration and Appointments Commission