Cementos Molins inaugurates remodeled facilities in Sant Vicenç dels Horts

In a notable commitment to environmental enhancement and energy efficiency, Cementos Molins has recently invested over 6.6 million euros in the comprehensive renovation of its facilities located in Sant Vicenç dels Horts, Barcelona.


Cementos Molins celebrated today the inauguration of its upgraded facilities in Sant Vicenç dels Horts, Barcelona (Spain) today.  The event witnessed the presence of Roger Torrent, Minister of Business and Labour of the Generalitat of Catalonia. The company's investment exceeding 6.6 million euros encompasses a comprehensive office building renovation, the installation of 1,455 self-consumption photovoltaic panels and green space redesign. This renovation aligns with the company's sustainability strategy, focusing on substantial energy savings and environmental enhancements.


Also present at the inauguration of  the remodeled facilities, which accommodates 530 out of the company's 6,200 employees, were Eduardo Ansaldo, President of the Barcelona Stock Exchange; David Tornos, Secretary-General of Foment del Treball; Carles Guilera, President of the Baix Llobregat’s Chamber of Commerce; Ramon Griell, Deputy Director-General of Infrastructure and Conservation at the Port Authority of Barcelona; Miguel Comino, Mayor of Sant Vicenç dels Horts; Ascensión Ratia, Mayor of Pallejà; Xavi Paz, Mayor of Molins de Rei; Anna Pascual, Mayor of La Palma de Cervelló, among other local authorities.


Through the office building renovation, the company has realized a remarkable 68.75% reduction in energy consumption compared to its pre-renovation levels, resulting in an annual decrease of 650 tons of CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the company's new facilities encompass an impressive 3,250 square meters adorned with photovoltaic panels, enabling self-consumption of renewable electricity, achieving a 100% renewable energy supply for the building. Additionally, in a commitment to sustainable transportation, the company has installed 55 electric vehicle charging stations in the employee parking lot.


Moreover, Cementos Molins has undertaken a transformative redesign of the plant and office environs, with a dedicated emphasis on enhancing green spaces. The entire area has been reforested with native flora originating from the Garraf and Llobregat River regions, resilient enough to thrive without the requirement of continuous watering. Permeable concrete was used to encircle the greenery and enable rainwater absorption, naturally nurturing the plants and reducing water consumption.


With the interior remodeling of the offices, Cementos Molins puts people at the center of its strategy, eliminating private offices, creating synergies between businesses, and designing spaces that adapt to new ways of working.


During the inaugural event, coinciding with the company's 95th anniversary, Julio Rodríguez, CEO of Cementos Molins, emphasized the company's strong commitment to efficiency and environmental respect. Rodríguez stated that "the investment of over 6 million euros in the renovation of our Sant Vicenç dels Horts facilities is a testament to our commitment to a sustainable future: efficiency, innovation, and sustainability are three key pillars in Cementos Molins' strategy."


Alongside a delegation from the company and other authorities, the Minister of Business and Labour of the Generalitat of Catalonia toured the Sant Vicenç dels Horts factory, which was completely renovated in 2010 and is among the most efficient in the industry in Europe.