In favour Against of Abst
1.- Review and approval of the individual annual accounts and its management report regarding year 2018
2.- Review and approval of the consolidated annual accounts and its consolidated management report regarding year 2018
3.- Review and approval of the proposal of application of result of year 2018
4.- Review and approval of the non-financial information report regarding the year 2018
5.- Approval of the management of the board of directors, the board committees and the Managing Director in the year 2018
6.- Reelection of directors
  6.1.- Reelection of Mr. Julio Rodríguez Izquierdo as Managing Director
  6.2.- Re-election of Ms. Andrea Kathrin Christenson as independent director
7.- Consultative vote of the annual report on the remuneration of directors for the financial year 2018
8.- Establishing the maximum remuneration amount of the directors of the Company for the year 2019
9.- Modification of article 28 of the articles of association
10.- Information on the corporate governance of the Company
11.- Authorisation to call, given the case, an extraordinary general shareholders’ meeting with at least fifteen (15) days in advance, pursuant to the provisions set forth by articles 515 of the Corporate Law
12.- Reelection of the Company’s Accounts Auditor to carry out the audit of the individual and consolidated annual accounts of the year 2020
13.- Transfer of the registered office to Sant Vicenç dels Horts (Barcelona), where the registered office was placed before the agreement adopted by the board of directors of 20 October 2017
14.- Modification of article 5 of the articles of association of the Company regarding the registered office
15.- Delegation of powers for the formalisation and execution of every agreement adopted by the general meeting of shareholders, for their notarisation and interpretation, amendment, complement or development and registration