Committed to the environment

The Cementos Molins Group is aware that the construction industry has a great impact on the environment, and therefore, over time, it has developed a firm commitment to environmental sustainability, particularly regarding looking further into opportunities for low carbon and circular economies. Cementos Molins Group takes on the commitment to implement a business model that implies respect for the environment.

One of the main samples of this involvement is the expenses and investments made by the Group companies in environmental issues, which totalled 25.1 million Euro in 2016.

These investments vary largely depend on the type of company within the Group, although, in general, they focus on aspects such as the recovering resources, preventing and controlling emissions and restoring areas. The Cementos Molins Group is aware of the necessary investment in preventing impacts in order to be able to align its activities with the environments where it operates.

In order to comply with the sustainable management of the business, the Group is committed to circular economy. Faced with the challenge of needing to make an intensive use of energy, the cement industry, on a worldwide level, and Cementos Molins Group in particular, has responded by searching for alternatives which, on the one hand, reduce the need to import fossil fuels for obtaining energy and, on the other hand, open up a way of valuing materials which, otherwise, could not be used. This is evident particularly through replacing traditional fuels with alternative ones.

In addition, Cementos Molins Group works in developing industries for preparing alternative fuels through its company PROMSA, a figurehead in environmental protection within the Group. PROMSA has the Pronatura (CSR production) and Granulated Rubber Project (tyre recovery) plants.

Also, at Cementos Molins Group they also control all consumptions and effluents in order to prevent or reduce their impact on the environment. The monitorisation applied to CO2 and NOx and SOx emissions and particles is particularly important, as well as the water consumption during the processes.

In addition, Cementos Molins is aware that its activities have, on many occasions, a direct effect on the natural environment and biodiversity, as in the case of working the quarries to obtain raw materials. Therefore, the companies within the Group make restoration efforts beyond the obligations established by the laws in the countries where they operate. One example is the Garraf quarry, restored by PROMSA.”