We return to the activity on Tuesday, April 14

Dear Client,

Following the indications set by the Central Government, PROMSA is preparing to resume our activity, gradually, next Tuesday, April 14.

As we had already done in the last weeks of production, we will take all preventive measures to protect the health of our workers and customers, with the aim of providing the best possible service, despite the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

If your works are also reactivated, you can contact your PROMSA commercial contact to agree on the best form of supply. You also have available the SAC (Customer Service) tel. 93.680.60.20 or email

From PROMSA we are going to continue with the logistics strategy that we had started in our work centers in order to respond to you in the most organized and efficient way possible. Our schedule for next week will be intensive, from 7am to 3pm, and we will cover the usual geographical supply area.

We wish that in your families and in your work teams you have a lot of health. We meet again on site when you start the activity again.

We appreciate your trust and understanding.

Best regards.

Carlos Raich

PROMSA General Director.





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