We resume student visits to La Falconera

For more than a year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, visits to the La Falconera del Garraf quarry have been stopped and many students have not been able to enjoy this unique space. Finally, during this month of May we were able to resume visits and share learnings with young people.

So, last May 11th, the first year ESO students from the Pia school in Sitges were able to visit us. The students and their teachers arrived in two coaches, who picked them up at the Can Robert Park in Sitges, and around ten in the morning they were already at La Falconera ready to start the day.
We started the visit to our environmental classroom, complying with all the safety measures of the COVID-19, where we explained the operation of the quarry, the products we manufacture and the uses that are mostly made of it: aggregates, concretes and mortars.
The content they were interested in learning was based on three axes: technology, processes and sustainability. The questions and concerns that the students conveyed to us focused on these three aspects.
We also explained in detail the measures we are taking to be more sustainable, such as the site restoration project and the creation of habitats for the most protected species in the area. The students had already begun their research work at the institute, and were carrying a series of questions that they were able to solve as they were explained. They showed great interest in knowing and understanding the restoration project as well as the deadlines within which it is planned to carry it out.
All the students actively participated in the planting of native species and together we enjoyed a splendid day in nature.