PROSEIN: PROMSA's homogeneous industrial dry mortar

The solution, designed by the PROMSA team, to make homogeneous screeds adapting to the needs of the work. The innovation provided by PROSEIN is to have a silo on site with the product already previously dosed and homogeneous produced at the plant. Once on site, it is only necessary to dose the water and pump it to the desired place.

PROSEIN has the CE marking and implies savings in waste management:
- Bulk supply: avoid the use of cement bags on site.
- No waste: the product is consumed 100%, meaning an improvement in performance and minimization of environmental impact.
- More security: the use of bulk material avoids the handling of bags and especially possible cuts when opening them.

PROSEIN is applied by PROMSA's approved equipment, thus guaranteeing the quality of the product, the service and its application on site.

Among the main uses of this mortar we highlight its use as bases for regulation, screeds and leveling of surfaces. In addition, it is compatible with thermal and acoustic insulation.

We have different specific PROSEIN formulations depending on its use:
- Bases of regulation of floating parquet flooring, wood, ceramic or stone products.
- Glued parquet, carpet, vinyl flooring, microcement and glued that require greater resistance.

With PROSEIN all are advantages:
- Controlled dosage: pre-dosed product with CE marking.
- Cleaner, more efficient, without waste: 100% material utilization.
- More respectful with the environment: does not emit dust during storage, transport or unloading.
- More sustainable: absence of on-site stocks of bags of cement or sand, without waste.
- Reduced storage area: protects the product from external agents.
- Improved work performance compared to traditional systems: more comfort, speed and safety.

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