PROMSA certifies its manufacturing plants

From April 2021, it will become mandatory for manufacturing companies to have the quality certificate; a new means to ensure that the products supplied on site meet the established standards.


Times change and regulations accompany us in these transformations. In 2019, the Ministry of the Presidency published RD163 / 2019 with the aim of protecting the integral quality of concrete, ensuring the control of production of concrete plants throughout their manufacturing process.

From 1 April 2021, it will become mandatory for manufacturing companies to have a quality concrete certificate; a new medium that is made available to construction companies to ensure that they build with a concrete that meets the established standards. Concrete users must ensure that they use concrete made in certified plants.

Promsa meets all the requirements in 100% of its facilities, certified by LGAI technological Center, SA (APPLUS), an entity accredited by ENAC (Entidad Nacional de Acreditación).
APPPLUS technicians have audited all Promsa’s manufacturing plants located in different parts of Catalonia, as well as the three own laboratories that carry out production control. Based on the concept of total quality: PREVENTION, QUALITY, ENVIRONMENT, the established parameters are examined to guarantee the integral control of the production.
During the inspections on the premises, the controls of raw materials and their traceability have been inspected: analyzing both the manufacturing process and the finished product, ensuring the frequency of the tests and compliance with the results obtained.
In the environmental aspect, the minimum generation of waste is controlled and the ideal treatment of those minimums that are generated. The control of water use is also evaluated, assessing its minimum consumption and the controlled use of recycled water for the manufacture of concrete.
At the safety level, the correct operation of all devices is examined, in order to guarantee the safety of all the people who are in contact with the production process.
A key point, to ensure that the product obtained is of quality and that it can be manufactured and served to customers, is an optimal maintenance plan for the facilities. Promise to apply it preventively, which allows maximum availability of concrete manufacturing facilities with all the guarantees.

Promsa has passed all the overhauls, with the confidence of having been working for years with high quality standards in all the company’s businesses: concrete, aggregates, mortars, construction and the environment. In all divisions, our goal is to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction.


Zona Franca plant Certificate