La Falconera: innovation and sustainability through technosoils

Promsa will restore the La Falconera quarry with an innovative type of soil: technosoil, a combination of mineral and organic elements. This material brings sustainability, versatility and efficiency to the restoration project, and allows us to use waste and surplus from land use to create substrates that fit the needs of the project.

Thanks to technosoil we will be able to integrate the affected surface to restore with the Natural Park of the Garraf, recreating own surroundings of this park like the maquia, the forest or the dry meadows. By identifying native animal and also plant species, we can enhance their habitats with technosols designed taking into account the specific needs of these species.

The Center for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF) is also participating in this Promsa project, supporting the creation of technosoil. Specifically, we are now working on a pilot test that, by creating plots with different types of soil, will help us apply them to the rest of the quarry area that we will restore.

This project began in 1998 and is an update requested by the Department of Sustainability of the Generalitat de Catalunya. It is necessary to emphasize it, since during the course of these more than 20 years we have been able to acquire knowledge and experiences, as much on the part of our professionals as of the other participants, who improve the restoration process.

Specifically, in 2004 the La Falconera quarry participated in a project, with the participation of technology centers, universities and important companies in the extractive sector, called Project Life: EcoQuarry. From this project we were able to draw the necessary conclusions to face the current challenge and also to write a technical manual with criteria that are currently in force.

From Promsa we are committed to the environment around us, which is why we lead this project, with the aim of restoring La Falconera taking advantage of technological advances that will allow us to work sustainably and efficiently. The maximum exponent of these advances are the technosoil, that take advantage of the residues and surpluses generated by third parties to create grounds adapted to the needs of different types from vegetation.

Contributing to preparing this space for the future and guided by the values ​​that have always accompanied us, we value Promsa's commitment to society as a whole.