At Ciments Molins we are committed to the sustainability of our activities, we have been working for years with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint of our products through various actions such as improving the efficiency of our facilities, l use of alternative energies to fossil fuels and the replacement of raw materials by alternatives that arise from recovery.
From Promsa we have innovated to manufacture a new concrete with 16% less CO2 emissions*. Thanks to the use of the new cement of Ciments Molins Industrial which is a CEM II / A-L 42.5 N.
From the Promise Quality department, we have worked to find the most suitable formula that allows us to achieve the best resistance and workability with the minimum consumption of CO2, optimizing the use of natural raw materials.
The manufacturing process of this concrete brings us many advantages, both environmental and quality:
• We reduce CO2 emissions by 16%.
• With the new formulation we also reduce water consumption, achieving maximum efficiency in the use of natural resources.
• We improve the behavior of concrete at medium and high temperatures.
• We reduce the shrinkage of the concrete, reducing the probability of cracking in the hardening process.
• We optimize the type of cement according to the element to be concreted to minimize the emissions generated.

We apply this CO2 reduction to our entire range of concretes and mortars and therefore it is a change in a global sense, not a one-off action. A comprehensive transformation of our way of working that involves a reduction in CO2 emissions in all Promsa products. A commitment at company level that our clients already transfer to their works and that has a positive impact on the whole society.
We will continue to move forward, innovate and evolve to achieve a more sustainable future.

(*) Regarding the use of CEM I52.5 cement from Ciments Molins Industrial


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