Celebration of the Day of the Aggregates and the Biodiversity in the Falconera

The 7th edition of this day was held on April 7, with the participation of the Pia School of Sitges.

At La Falconera, the Day of Aggregates and Biodiversity is celebrated every year, and this time two first-year ESO classes from the Pia School in Sitges took part. The meeting took place on April 7 and was the thirteenth edition of the day, which is focused on celebrating and disseminating our activity, organized by the employers of the Aggregates Guild of Catalonia of which PROMSA is a member.

First of all, the children were picked up at the Can Robert Park in Sitges at 9.30 am and, once they arrived at La Falconera at around 10.15 am, they put on the corresponding personal protective equipment (helmet and reflective vests). . They then went to have breakfast outside the environmental classroom set up in La Falconera.

Pilar López, head of Promsa's Environment, then explained the company's activities, the uses of the aggregates and the environmental measures it is taking to become more and more sustainable. Later, Emili Valbuena, a biologist from the Garraf Natural Park, commented on the peculiarities of the Natural Park and which species predominate.

We were also accompanied on the visit by Marc Sanglas, Director General of the DGQA (Directorate General of Environmental Quality and Climate Change); Aurora Carbonell, the Mayor of Sitges; Eduard Terrad, Councilor for Town Planning and the Environment of Sitges City Council; Xavier Carbonell, Head of Service of the DGQA; Carles Marco, Inspector of the DGQA; Adelina Pardo, Inspector of the DGQA; and Jaume Puig, manager of the Aggregates Guild of Catalonia.

Later, a native species was planted in the restored area of ​​the quarry: white pine, mastic, juniper and coscoll. It was a very playful and symbolic activity in which young and old took part. Finally, the day ended with a joint photo around a heavy tonnage dump truck. And finally, we said goodbye after spending a good time learning about local plants and getting to know a little more about the Natural Park and how to preserve it.

AYA 2022